We are all about that fairness, boss. What fun is it if you're constantly getting run over by players significantly more skilled than you? We took this concern to heart to create our own rating system that will ensure that the only players you compete against are those closely matched with your skillset.

How do we do that? Well first, you have to establish your skill level by playing a minimum of Three (3) Head to Head Challenges. We take into account many factors such as time and credit management, and execution of blackjack strategy to give you a Star Rating of 0-5, you've probably seen this  in the lobby just below your avatar. ALL players start off as Zeros and increase/decrease their Star Rating by competing against players ranging from slightly less to slightly more skilled than you. Depending on the outcome and the Challenge and the star rating of the challenger, your rating will increase or decrease at different rates.

Example: A Player who consistently beats other players slightly less skilled than them will increase their Star Rating slower than a player that consistently is matched against, and beats, players that are slightly more skilled than them. The greater the variance in competitors' skills level, the faster you can increase/decrease your Star Rating. With that said, we would never pair a 1 Star and a 3-5 Star player against each other, as the variance in skill level would be too wide and the experience for the 1-Star player would, to put it bluntly, suck.