This is one of our favorite questions because it assists in better understanding why Blackjack Fire is a Game of Skill and not a Game of Chance.

According to wikipedia: "A game of skill is a game where the outcome is determined mainly by mental or physical skill, not chance." 

So you're wondering, "how is Blackjack Fire a Game of SKILL and not a Game of CHANCE?"

The opportunity to win cash prizes are limited to head-to-head competitions where both players (physically located in approved jurisdictions) sit at their own table with the same chip balance, the same amount of time to compete, the same table min/max, and an identical shuffled deck of cards. Because all of these elements of game play are identical for the competitors, the only advantage one player would have over another is their ability to do complex math and probability calculations faster than their opponent. 

A Game of Skill isn't best defined by taking an unskilled player and pitting them against a highly skilled player, it is when you take two highly skilled players and have them compete. Two players with identical game and credit play management will heavily rely on the skill of SPEED to do complex math and probability calculations faster than their competitor. The competitor who can do these calculations 5% faster than their opponent will have 5% more cards dealt to them, thus presenting 5% more opportunities to covert those won hands into points on the leaderboard.