Whether you are playing for Fire Chips or Cash Prizes, Challenges are a great way to flex your math, probability, and blackjack strategy muscle. Each Challenge lasts 3 minutes, unless otherwise specified, and clearly displays the following information before selecting:

    -  Prize Amount

    - Trophies allocated to the winner

    - Entry Fee

    - Number of Players

    - Number of Decks

When a Player opens a Challenge, our system matches them with another Player of similar skill level to compete against. Sometimes we don't have another Player readily available to pick up the Challenge - those Challenges will stay open for 24hours. After 24 hours and no Challenger has played, all entry fees from the unanswered Challenge will be returned.

Winners of Challenges are determined by the total points they accumulate over the course of the timed round. Points are added to the players total with each hand they play and win. If a player wagers 1,000 Fire Chips and wins the hand, 1,000 points are awarded to the player. Hands that are lost are not allocated any points. Once the round ends, the players remaining bank roll is added to their point total to give their final score, which is presented to the player. The Player with the higher point total at the end of the round, wins the Prize.

Challenges end when:

    - The timer runs out

    - You run out of chips

    - You leave the game before the timer ends

Blackjack Fire currently operates 2 types of Challenges

    - Free For All: Players globally can compete for Fire Chips in Head to Head matches

    - Cash Games: Players in legal jurisdictions can enter into and win Cash Prizes in Head to Head matches