Blackjack Fire is a skill-based card game where players can compete in time-based, Head to Head Challenges as well as Player vs Everyone quick fire tournaments for both Fire Chips or real Cash Prizes.

To enter a challenge, select the Challenge icon from the game Lobby, then select the Challenge type you'd like to participate in. Only players located in legal jurisdictions can play for cash prizes. Hold Gaming Inc will need to be authorized to verify a users location before allowing them to compete for Cash Prizes. Not in a legal jurisdiction? No problem! Everyone can always play for Fire Chips, our virtual currency.

As you compete in Challenges, you accumulate Trophies for your wins. Those Trophies go on a League leaderboard where you can win Fire Chips or Real Cash Prizes. To see where you stand to win Fire Chips or Cash Prizes, click LEAGUES in the Lobby. Players that are in legal jurisdictions for cash prizes will have their Trophies from Free For All Challenges appear in the Amateur League and Cash Game players will have their Trophies applied to the Pro League. Players outside of legal jurisdictions for Cash Prizes will have their Challenge Trophies applied to the Rookie League. All Leagues state their duration, prize amounts, and number of winners per league.

Players can compete in Quick Fire tournaments to practice or as a way to increase your Fire Chip balance without requiring an entry fee. Simply select any Table in the Lobby and start playing. All tables have a min/max toggle, allowing you to play at a level you are most comfortable with. Each round lasts 5 minutes with a one minute break in between. At the end of the timed period, a tiered award bonus is given out to the top 3 players with the most points.

All Players are encouraged to SAVE their accounts by clicking the Player Avatar in the top left of the game. Once in your Profile, you can use either Facebook or your email address and a password to save your account and make it accessible from any device you login from. Players who use Facebook will also have their avatar changed to the current image they use in Facebook.

Need more Fire Chips? Chips can be both purchased and earned. All players receive a 10,000 chip bonus when they login the first time and an incrementally increasing daily bonus for each consecutive day they return. In addition, players can collect a bi-hourly bonus as well as earn more chips by clicking the FREE icon in the lobby and watching Rewarded Video as well as inviting friends to play Blackjack Fire. Players wanting to purchase Chips can do so by clicking the BUY button next to their Fire Chip meter OR by clicking the BANK icon in the Lobby. Each play in game takes a percent and puts into your own piggy bank, giving players the opportunity to save Fire Chips that they can later purchase at a significant discount.

For players that love to beat their friends in friendly competitions, you can enable Blackjack Fire to add your facebook friends. Each friend that signs up gives you an additional Fire Chip bonus each and every day. Plus, you can challenge them directly in Head to Head Challenges for Fire Chips or, for players in legal jurisdictions, Real Cash Prizes.